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05:22 PM Support #62 (Closed): Questionnaire content - Olympics
Are there are plans to use Understanding Society to assess what the legacy of the Olympics (e.g. on physical activity... Alison Stout


10:22 AM Support #60 (Closed): SL Version W2 Interim Relaease
Redmine Admin
10:21 AM Support #60: SL Version W2 Interim Relaease
please see #57 Redmine Admin
10:20 AM Support #57: urban rural coding issue
The full urban-rural classifications have so far only been released on the full Mainstage Wave 1 Special License data... Redmine Admin


01:53 PM Support #61: HOUSEHOLD INCOME
We are in the process of documenting the methodology for deriving the income variables.
I will send you an email as ...
Redmine Admin
11:43 AM Support #61: HOUSEHOLD INCOME
Ethan, Please see #36
Redmine Admin
11:06 AM Support #61 (Closed): HOUSEHOLD INCOME
Please can you tell me how you calculate household income from the understanding society questionnaire? I would be gr... Ethan Greenwood
10:48 AM Support #60 (Closed): SL Version W2 Interim Relaease
Jakob, Which study number holds the SL version of the W2 interim release? I was very pleased when you told me I could... IAN ALCOCK
09:54 AM Support #58 (In Progress): Youth Wave 1 data
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09:52 AM Support #58: Youth Wave 1 data
The Mainstage Wave 1 Youth file (N=4,899) contains the questionnaire responses from 11-15 year olds in respo...
Redmine Admin
09:39 AM Support #59: Linking BHPS - Understanding Society
NATCHILD records both resident and non-resident children (together identified by childno) - only the former will have... Redmine Admin


05:55 PM Support #59: Linking BHPS - Understanding Society
Thanks, Jacob.
The file a_natchild has 26 observations which are not uniquely identified by hidp and childno (an...
Melanie Luhrmann
03:18 PM Support #59 (In Progress): Linking BHPS - Understanding Society
> 1. Is there any documentation that allows me to easily check whether a BHPS variable is available in Un...
Redmine Admin
02:46 PM Support #59 (Closed): Linking BHPS - Understanding Society
I am using BHPs data and wish to link it a) to the BHPS sample households in Understanding Society, and b) use a pool... Melanie Luhrmann
09:21 AM Support #58 (Closed): Youth Wave 1 data
Hello. I have downloaded the Wave 1 youth dataset and have 4,899 individuals. This total does not marry up with the f... Alicia Heptinstall


12:00 PM Support #57: urban rural coding issue
Thank you. Please tell me the SN for the special liceence version with full urbanity classification for the US Wave 2... IAN ALCOCK
11:40 AM Support #57 (In Progress): urban rural coding issue
Redmine Admin
11:39 AM Support #57: urban rural coding issue
The full urban-rural classification is only on the "Special License version":https://www.understandingsociety.a...
Redmine Admin
10:49 AM Support #57 (Closed): urban rural coding issue
I am trying to continue analyses I have carried out with the 18 waves of BHPS with the inclusion of the BHPS incorpor... IAN ALCOCK


11:18 AM Support #53 (In Progress): "Events" variable BHPS
From the following you can add W11 to the list of waves where Important-Events were collected
Redmine Admin


01:43 PM Support #51 (Closed): a_indinus_xw weight=0
Redmine Admin


07:47 PM Support #51: a_indinus_xw weight=0
Thank you! This makes sense. Sung Park
05:02 PM Support #51: a_indinus_xw weight=0
The proxy weight of 0 in indresp is given to temporary sample members whom we will not follow in the future. These ar... Olena Kaminska
01:47 PM Support #56 (Closed): BHPS Variable problem
I have a problem understanding the data for the BHPS variable on asthma, wHLPRXE, which is available for waves K and ... IAN ALCOCK


01:16 PM Support #51: a_indinus_xw weight=0
Thank you for your response! I believe when I compare the a_indinus_xw and the a_indpxus_xw weights, proxy respondent... Sung Park
11:34 AM Support #51: a_indinus_xw weight=0
inresp dataset consists of proxy and full respondents. If you are using information available for proxy respondents, ... Olena Kaminska
12:46 PM Support #54: Weights for youth self-completion data
No such weights were developed for the interim release. We are considering to release such weights in the future, alt... Olena Kaminska
10:41 AM Support #54 (Closed): Weights for youth self-completion data
I'm interested in looking at the Youth self-completion (10-15 years old) data across wave 1 and wave 2 (interim rel... Peter Taylor
12:43 PM Support #55: Do weights adjust for non-independence of children within households?
Thank you for your question. Weights do not adjust for so-called clustering or nesting within households. T...
Olena Kaminska
10:44 AM Support #55 (Closed): Do weights adjust for non-independence of children within households?
I wanted to know whether the weights provided for the youth self-completion data adjust for the problem of non-indepe... Peter Taylor


11:44 AM Support #50 (Closed): Comparison to LFS
Redmine Admin
11:11 AM Support #50: Comparison to LFS
Thanks, this makes sense. Sung Park
10:14 AM Support #53 (Closed): "Events" variable BHPS
For my research on repossessions in the UK mortgage market I am studying the BHPS SN 5151 database.
In the B...
nicolet van Dijke


02:48 PM Support #50: Comparison to LFS
The early findings volume was published in Feb 2011 and the analysis was done in Oct-Nov 2010 using the data...
Peter Lynn
10:36 AM Support #52: Components of weighting variable a_indinus_xw
Sometimes it is indeed a good approach to model nonresponse as part of the model. If you want to do it, please make s... Olena Kaminska
01:00 AM Support #52 (Closed): Components of weighting variable a_indinus_xw
I am considering whether to run my regressions with weight a_indinus_xw vs. running my regressions with unwei...
Sung Park


06:54 AM Support #51 (Closed): a_indinus_xw weight=0
I was wondering if you could confirm that that the a_indinus_xw weight variable should contain 3,933 observat...
Sung Park


09:07 AM Support #44 (Closed): Weighting on a restricted sample (outcome=110)
Redmine Admin
09:06 AM Support #45 (In Progress): BHPS year first job
The life event job history module was asked of the GB sample at Wave2, the Scotland and Wales extension samples Wave1... Redmine Admin
08:47 AM Support #43 (Closed): Weighting-related questions
Redmine Admin


01:19 PM Support #45: BHPS year first job
Just to clarify - According to Vol A the LLIFEMST file is only for respondents from Northern Ireland (p.A3-70)?
Hannah Zagel


07:20 PM Support #43: Weighting-related questions
Thank you! Sung Park


06:14 PM Support #43: Weighting-related questions
No, you don't need to include a_hidp in addition to a_psu. Households are nested within psu, so controlling for psu w... Olena Kaminska
12:15 PM Support #49 (Closed): "SPONTANEOUS" response category
Redmine Admin
12:02 PM Support #49: "SPONTANEOUS" response category
Thanks, Jakob. Sung Park
12:00 PM Support #49 (In Progress): "SPONTANEOUS" response category
Yes, SPONTANEOUS is a valid response code, that isn't prompted or printed on showcards, etc.
Redmine Admin
08:48 AM Support #49 (Closed): "SPONTANEOUS" response category
Hello: I see that for certain questions, in the online documentation, it says "SPONTANEOUS" (for example, variable a_... Sung Park
12:01 PM Support #50: Comparison to LFS
Hi Jakob:
I downloaded the data in Jan 2012, so I think it is the most current version. Using the INDALL file gives m...
Sung Park
11:26 AM Support #50 (In Progress): Comparison to LFS
There could be different reasons to why you get slightly different results. The most important is probably ver...
Redmine Admin
10:58 AM Support #50 (Closed): Comparison to LFS
Hello: I am looking at the report "APPENDIX: UNDERSTANDING SOCIETY DESIGN OVERVIEW" which I believe is Chapter 15 of ... Sung Park

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